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Some of the articles on this blog looked at the stories and it might be handy to refer back to those blogs as a way into the book. Below is a list of links on this blog about the collection with samples-

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The longer stories with larger narratives are discussed – http://wp.me/p1V5uu-J

I was reading through the collection and it struck me, along with other things I had written, that travel and journeys are present in many stories. It’s one of those moments when you encounter your own work and see it outside the act of composition.

In my own case travel, or rather journey emerged once I reviewed each story. Travel is not the same as journey, not in fiction. Travel can be about claiming an exotic place but returning to home from where the trip began, essentially unchanged. This is what tourists do. A journey is about change. I have lived in several counties for periods that have exerted change, sometime in outlook, language, or perception. I suppose in a way I have brought that to the stories as fundamental to a character, to a person’s life.

Guy Cranswick
21st January 2013