No, the title is not a clever allusion to the Günter Grass novel. There is, however, a visual pun in one of the pictures below. Having written about other authors and metaphors and such like, this is a slack post.

This is an opportunistic attempt to make this blog more widely read by inserting a picture of a cat. Two pictures of a cat should be very appealing. The Internet and cats are closely linked. It’s unlikely that YouTube would have become so popular without all those videos of cats doing charming things. Well, possibly the high quality content may have found an audience above the audience for feline frolics.

Doing something charming cannot be said for this cat: she is not mine, she is from an apartment nearby but she visits everyday and often sits at my desk, in front of my computer, looking for attention.

When impatient she will hit the keys and step over the keyboard. She is a distraction, a pest, a ‘dratted cat’, as Bertie Wooster, would have said. Until she receives some attention she will not give up. That quality is very strong in animals. They can’t give up because there is no alternative.

She is difficult to photograph, always turning away or looking down as is the way with cats; and in these pictures the flash flared in her eyes. Oh well, not the best pictures but a record of her involvement (not always productive) with this book.

Guy Cranswick
15 March 2012